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Chain hotel

Chain hotel is the main industry of the Unistar Investment Group. With the rapid development of the Chinese tourism industry, hotel chains are believed to be optimistic in the future. The Group brings in a group of management experts majored in the hotel industry, market planning experts and professional managers with wealthy experience and fully developed talent, and creats three hotels brand which are  "city 118 hotel chains" “Urban Garden "and" mini-city ". Among the branches, the "city 118 hotel chains” is the main brand of the Unistar Investment Group. AS the mid-range business hotel brands it faces third-tier cities in China, customers are mainly business travelers for the third-tier cities and developed counties in China. "Urban Garden" is an European-style business hotel brand aiming  at high-end business travelers and tourists traveling by car . "Mini-city"is the unistar investment group focused on creating a budget hotel brand.


The Unistar Investment group is also involved in the catering industry. The "urban garden" ——European business hotel, not only provides customers with business services ,such as guest rooms and  meeting ,but also provides catering services which the famous hunan cuisine. The following picture shows the interior of “xiang juyuan” "Urban Garden Business Hotel" in Qingdao, China.